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5 Simple Guild Rules

Rule 1: 
Keep politics and religion out of guild chat. Keep chat drama free!

Rule 2: 
When you gain from the guild be sure to return the favor.

Rule 3: 
Don't be greedy. Ask for or take in accordance with your needs.

Rule 4: 
Be friendly. Reply to others when you can.

Rule 5: 
Have fun!

Game News

Welcome to the K.B.N. information webpage.

This is the place to find keep up-to-date with what the guild has been doing, what's going on now, and where we are headed. Checking in here regularly will not only keep you in-the-know, but may just help make you a better player and a better guild member!

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Guild News

Dungeon Raid schedule

Klaatu Barada Nikto, Oct 18, 11 12:08 PM.
In order to get our level 50 members geared up for expert dungeons, daily rift raids, and eventually full 20-man dungeon raids we are organizing up a few set times for dungeon runs. Running the daily chronicles and defeating the bosses in level 50 dungeons award plaques you need in order to get the purple quality raid gear. Not to mention, better gear is great for all purposes! We have also formed an alliance with the guild, Raiders of the Lost Artifact to coordinate our raiding times so we can each benefit from a larger pool of regular people you can trust when going up against that elite dungeon boss! As of this time, we have the current times set where you can log in and expect a dungeon crawl or raid to be forming.

Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (server time)        
-- Standard 5 man dungeon runs (in T1 or T2 expert mode if able)

Is there a time that you would like to see added that better fits your schedule? Contact Azkeel or Tigeress in RIFT and let us know! We intend to to have at least 3 or 4 weekly scheduled times for group activities planned soon, so get your vote in for when you want those times to be. If you are under level 50, and want us to set up a organized time for lower level dungeon runs, we can do that too! Let us know when you want them scheduled. If you can commit to being there, we'll support you and help make it even easier to team up with your fellow KBN guildies to tackle 5 man dungeons or even knock out group quests.

Finally. When adventuring with any group, from a 2-man quest to a full 20 member raid it's always easier when everyone can communicate easily. It is important for everyone to be able to use our Ventrillo server to facilitate this. If you do not have a mic on your computer or a mic/headset, we strongly advise that you consider getting one. Not only will it make you a better group/raid member, but you can visit the chat server at any time just to see who is logged in there, and actually get to know your fellow guildmates even better. If you have not done so, you might be surprised how much fun it can be, and how it can make your guild experience that much more rewarding!

Yes we has Vent server!

Klaatu Barada Nikto, Oct 6, 11 11:22 AM.
This may be old news to many of you, but K.B.N. now has a 20-man Ventrillo server for our use. Our new Senior Officer Tigeress (a.k.a. "Catman") has graciously provided a server and set this up for the guild! Be sure to send him a big "Thank You" by downloading the "Ventrillo" client, logging in, and saying hello to everyone! Here is how:

1) If you do not already have Ventrillo on your computer (or need to upgrade to the latest version) go to:

2) Select the download under "Client Programs" that matches the system you are using.

3) On the next screen read the brief legal stuff and then click "I agree". Choose to RUN the file.

4) Next you'll get to the installer. Just follow the directions and you'll be all set.

5) Once the client is all installed you can launch Ventrillo. You'll see a place to enter your name. It's good to use your RIFT character name here.

6) Next you need to enter the server info so you can connect to us. You need the Hostname, the Port Number, and the Password. These three bits of info can be found on our guild tab inside RIFT. Log in to RIFT to get them.

If you have any problems, speak with Tigeress (or one of his alts). Any guild member may be able to help but Tigeress is the expert.

While having Ventrillo (and a mic to speak into) is not required, it is a good idea to get it and use it. We will be having group raids and dungeons and being able to communicate quickly without typing is vital to keeping the group from all getting killed! Plus, it's lots of fun to actually get to know your fellow guildmates better by actually talking with them! :D

Guild Vault #2

Klaatu Barada Nikto, Oct 2, 11 3:45 AM.
As you may have noticed already, we now have our 2nd guild vault. The vault uses are planned to be as follows.

Vault 1: Most basic gathered crafting materials. "Green" quality items. Low to Mid level Augments. Lower level dropped crafting materials.

Vault 2: Rare crafting materials. "Blue" and above quality items. High end augments. Most potions, scrolls & runes. Rare dropped crafting materials. Artifacts. Bags.

These are general rules of thumb. All members above recruit rank will have the ability to take items from either vault. However vault 1 will always allow greater access than vault 2. That is why less commonly needed items as well as rarer & more expensive items shall be kept in vault 2 

New Ranks Complete

Klaatu Barada Nikto, Sep 22, 11 2:11 PM.
After much discussion the Tri decided to go ahead and update the rank structure. Everyone should see that they have been sorted into the appropriate position. If you have been assigned the rank of Neophyte or Member and feel you have been overlooked for Apprentice or Partner ranks (greater vault access) please contact any one of the Tri right away, we will get you straightened out straight away. Sadly, the deposit log only goes back a few transactions and it's hard to recall exactly who has donated what and who has not.

"Dues" for Apprentice and Partner ranks will start at five (5) platinum and ten (10) platinum (respectively). They will be due at the beginning of each month. It will be allowed to deposit for future months in advance if you wish.

We are welcoming feedback on the dues costs. While some may feel they may be high we believe the value contributers will get will make it worth the cost. Especially once we have a second vault as we will be able to keep more crafting supplies on hand as well as a greater selection of artifacts, enhancements, essences, equipable items and the like. Also all dues go toward vault costs 100% so if you use the guild vault(s) you are buying something useful for yourself. Even if you do not use the guild vaults much, you can be proud to know you are contributing to help make the guild better.

Guild Rank Changes In The Works

Klaatu Barada Nikto, Sep 21, 11 2:08 PM.
The guild founders have been working out a more organized rank structure to suit our needs. The following is what we have been discussing. We are open to feedback and that is why we are posting the info about it here before it goes into effect sometime next week.

1: Leader - Current leaders(s) of the guild
2: Elder - Alts of leaders and any former leaders.
3: Senior Officer - Guild mate with official responsibilities and guild duties but also greater authority in guild matters.
4: Junior Officer - Fewer duties than an Officer and less authority to decide guild matters. Normally working to assist a Senior Officer.
5: Partner - Level 50. Greater vault access.
6: Member - Level 50. Limited vault access.
7: Apprentice - Levels 15 to 49. Greater vault access.
8: Neophyte - Levels 15 to 49. Limited vault access.
9: Recruit - Sub level 15 and/or any during first week membership probationary period. Very limited vault access.
10: Aspirant --> Guest - Pending applicant. No guild chat permission. No vault access. A "Guest" needs to speak with a Senior Officer or above for a breif interview before they can be promoted to "Recruit". If you are a regular member and invite someone please be sure to let them know this!


Partner and Member are equal ranks. Partners however are members that have contributed towards guild vault costs in return for greater access in the guild vault

Apprentice and Neophyte are also equal ranks. Apprentices have contributed towards guild vault costs in return for greater access.

Recruit has been vetted and approved by a guild leader or recruiting officer. Recruit ranks subject to a minimum week long probationary period during which activity level and participation will be evaluated.

Minimum contribution levels for greater vault access is to be determined. Currently we are considering 10 plat per month for Partners, 5 plat for Apprentices. Partners will have somewhat greater permissions than Apprentices once we have multiple guild vaults.
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